Boaters can make the difference

We can vote in marginals!

A Marginal?
Wat-er we talking a-boat?

A marginal constituency is where the current MP had a narrow victory in the last election. Like Southampton Itchen where, in 2017, the MP won by only 31 votes. In the UK there are 54 MPs with less than 1,000 vote majorities. Votes count for more in a marginal constituency.

If you live on a boat and cruise in any of the following areas, there is a good chance you have a connection with a marginal constituency: Bristol, London, Hebden Bridge/Todmorden, Leeds, Milton Keynes and Nottingham. If you have no fixed address, have moored up in any of these places or used services in the area, you may be able to register to vote there.

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* we do not support a particular party but rather any that will help overturn this awful conservative government. We use electoral data to determine which left-leaning party has the best chance of beating the conservatives in the most marginal seats on the water ways.